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What is the Partners Portal?

Access-2-Healthcare's Partners Portal is an online portal that gives healthcare companies an opportunity to post their company profiles, connect together and explore commercialisation and market access possibilities (Sign up here)

How can Partners Portal help me?

Partners Portal provides you with a pool of companies - potential business partners -  that you can quickly and efficiently search, filter, and shortlist – you’ll have more options to consider, in a much shorter time.   (Perhaps this video will help explain better..)

Can other industries use Partners Portal?

Currently it is a portal only for healthcare companies.   If the need to expand to other industries becomes apparent, we may consider.

How do I search for the companies?

You can use the search bar right at the top and type in any keyword you wish, or you can go to the advanced search on the left side of the page and drill down to the categories you’d like to search.   (screenshots?)

Why are there limited number of entries?

Partners Portal is just a ‘baby’ right now, but as more companies get to know of us and how we can help them, it will grow, and grow. And your selections get more and more!

What do I do when I see a company I am interested to contact?

You can click the ‘request connection’  (show image) button, and see if the prospective company ‘accepts’ (show image) your connection. You will receive an email notifying you that you have a successful connection. It’s that simple!

Are these real companies?

Yes!   We perform a screening process regularly to ensure all profiles are in fact a valid healthcare company.

What if there companies I saw that didn’t have information I needed?

Sometimes the company may be still completing their profiles. Just connect with them to ask for further information. They will appreciate your questions!

Why can’t I just online chat with everyone?

Online chat was provided as a service to allow quicker and more personal communication between connected companies as we recognise the value of real time communication.   At the same time, we would like to protect the privacy of everyone. You don’t just talk to anyone on the street, right?

Why is there no messaging system?

The contact information including the emails of your connections are already included in the company’s profile.

So are the companies I connected with the ones that I can sign my business agreement with?

It is strongly advised to do a background check, followed by a comprehensive due diligence process before that decision could be made.    (need help in this? Let us know and we will

Do I have to pay to use Partners Portal?

No. Not at all.

Why is it free?

The best things in life are free

How can I tell others about Partners Portal?

You can share via the social media links (show links?)   Or you can simply forward the website to them (link website)   The best is to share it with someone directly!

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